Veiled Lady - Enamel Pin by Margot Mushrooms

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The fanciest of earthboners can be yours eternally in the form of an enamel pin, which you can affix, for example, to your foraging - I mean, mushroom slaughtering bag, or to, say, a cutoff black denim jacket painstakingly hand-adorned with the logo patches of various black and death metal bands.

Side note: I believe no word is more descriptively suited to the labor of hand sewing than "painstakingly" because one literally has a tiny sharpened stake, which inflicts great pain upon the thimble-less seamster or seamstress. As such, each stitch becomes a pain-stake. But I digress, there is a MUSHROOM PIN AT HAND! 

Not just any common mushroom, but an exquisitely detailed representation of a veiled stinkhorn, one of the most putrid and vile organisms in the fungal Kingdom! Pin is 41.5mm tall, has two posts so you can ensure it stays oriented properly, two orange rubber clutches for each of the posts, and comes on a square backing card. 

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